Daisy Valentine is set to return to the unsigned music scene with a bang! She is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, DJ and producer from Stockport. Daisy is embarking upon a brand new solo career after leaving previous band, Fuzzy Sun, in 2019.

Having spent the last two years honing in on her craft in solitude, writing and producing all of her tracks alone, she’s ready to share her ‘Tabula Rasa’ EP with the world. In her music, you will find a fusion of pop and electronic genres, emulating tones ranging from the likes of Tame Impala to Mac Miller. The use of bold 80’s synths brings to mind artists such as Madonna and Human League. You’ll find sweet, harmonious vocals over heavy, arpeggiated bass lines; creating a paradox of sound aesthetics that branches out to a variety of listening tastes. Her lyrics are so delicately stitched together; you can't help but become immersed in each song’s narrative.